Base de conocimiento de UML y arquitecturas
Lo básico

OO Analysis and Design Using UML (Ratio Group)
Standardization and the UML (Martin Fowler)
UML 2001: A Standardization Odyssey (C. Kobryn)


Objektorientierte Geschäftsprozeßmodellierung mit der Unified Modeling Language (Bernd Oestereich)
Structuring Specification of Business Systems with UML (Navision Software)
Test: OO Analysis and Design Test, Sample Test (IBM)
Using UML for Modeling a Distributed Java Application (Klaus Bergner et al.)

Sitios principales

Resource Center (Rational Software)
UML Resource Page (OMG)

Sitios relacionados

UML worldwide (Rational Software)
Unified Modeling Language (Adriano Comai)
Unified Modeling Language (Mario Jeckle)
Unified Modeling Language (Bernd Oestereich)
XML Metadata Interchange (Mario Jeckle)
UML Zone (DevX)

Colecciones de ligas

XMI Specification Press Kit (OMG)


Search UML 1.3 (Rational Software)


CD: Inside the UML (Rational Software)
OO Modellieren mit UML und Realisation mit Java (Andreas Rittershofer)
UML tutorials (Rational Software)


UML FAQs (Microgold)
UML FAQs (Rational Software)


Glossary of XMI-Related Acronyms (OMG)
OO- und UML-Glossar (Bernd Oestereich)


UML Official Specification Documents (Mario Jeckle)
Unified Modeling Language - Version 1.3, June 1999 (Rational Software)
Unified Modeling Language - Version 1.1, September 1997 (OMG) [Acceso solo a miembros de la OMG]
Unified Modeling Language - Version 1.1, September 1997 (Rational Software)


Object Management Group (OMG)
Action Semantics for UML RFP (OMG) [Acceso solo a miembros de la OMG]
OMG Technology Adoptions: Analysis and Design Platform Task Force [Acceso solo a miembros de la OMG]
UML RTF (OMG) [Acceso solo a miembros de la OMG]
Stream-based Model Interchange (OMG) [Acceso solo a miembros de la OMG]
XMI RTF (OMG) [Acceso solo a miembros de la OMG]
XMI, the XML Metadata Interchange Format (OMG) [Acceso solo a miembros de la OMG]

Lista de emails

GOOAL: Alemán Object Oriented Association Linkage (Mario Jeckle)

Artículos generales

OO Geschäftsprozeßmodellierung mit der Unified Modeling Language (Bernd Oestereich)
The Unified Modeling Language Takes Shape (DBMS)
UML Misses the Boat (David C. Hay)
ViewPoint: UML Certification? (Objects by Design)
Who Can Handle How Much Abstraction? (Peter Hruschka)

Artículos especiales

publications::articles (Object Mentor)
UML publications (Mario Jeckle)
UML White Papers (Rational Software)


UML Tutorial: Complex Transitions (PDF; Robert C. Martin)
The Object Constraint Language (IBM)
Diagramas de composición
UML's Composite Structure Diagram

Tiempo Real

Designing Real-Time Systems With UML-Part I (i-Logix)
Designing Real-Time Systems With UML-Part II (i-Logix)
Designing Real-Time Systems With UML-Part III (i-Logix)
Using UML for Modeling Complex Real-Time Systems (ObjecTime / Rational Software)

Casos de Uso

A Critique of Use Cases (Yonat Sharon)
A Survey of Approaches For Describing and Formalizing Use Cases (Expertech)
Basic Use Case Template (Alistair Cockburn)
Be Careful With "Use Cases" (Edward V. Berard)
Functional Requirements and Use Cases (Dana Bredemeyer)
Order-Dependency Between Use Cases (Yonat Sharon)
Requirements Patterns via Events / Use Cases (Suzanne Robertson)
Structuring Use Cases with Goals (Alistair Cockburn)

Managing Requirements

The Three R's of Use Case Formalisms: Realization, Refinement, and Reification (R. R. Hurlbut)
UML Use Case Diagrams (Robert C. Martin)
Use Case Fundamentals (Alistair Cockburn)
Use Case Modelling (Edward Kenworthy)
Use Cases: Challenges in Their Use (Castek)
Use Cases vs Requirements vs Attributes/Methods (Yonat Sharon)
When Are Use Cases Done? (Yonat Sharon)

XMI - XML Metadata Interchange Format

An Overview to the XMI - XML Metadata Interchange Specification (OMG)
Transforming XMI to HTML, Part 1 (Objects by Design)
Transforming XMI to HTML, Part 2 (Objects by Design)
XMI, the XML Metadata Interchange Format (OMG) [Acceso solo a miembros de la OMG]


A Comparison of the Business Object Notation and the UML (Richard F. Paige and Jonathan S. Ostroff)
Association, Aggregation and Composition (Yonat Sharon)
Sage: Generating Applications with UML and Components (Nathan Dykman)
Software-platform-independent, Precise Action Specifications for UML (Stephen J. Mellor et al.)
Wohin mit den Funktionen im Objektmodell? (Peter Hruschka)
Towards a UML Profile for a Relational Persistence Model (Scott W. Ambler)


UML Exchange Format & Pattern Markup Language (Junichi Suzuki)


The UML Bibliography (Mark Richters)


Recommended reading (Rational Software)
Complete UML Training Course (Grady Booch, James Rumbaugh, Ivar Jacobson)
The UML Reference Manual (James Rumbaugh et al.)
The UML User Guide (Grady Booch et al.)
Advanced OO Analysis and Design Using UML (James J. Odell, Martin Fowler)
Applying UML and Patterns : An Introduction to OO Analysis and Design (Craig Larman)
Book Review (Objects by Design)
Applying Use Cases : A Practical Guide (Geri Schneider et al.)
A UML Pattern Language (Paul Evitts)
Business Modeling With UML Business Patterns and Business Objects (Magnus Penker, Hans Erik Eriksson)
Building Object Applications That Work (Scott W. Ambler)
Building Web Applications with UML (Conallen Jim, Jim Conallen)
Database Design for Smarties: Using UML for Data Modeling (Robert J. Muller)
Designing Flexible OO Systems with UML (Charles F. Richter)
Designing Object-Oriented C++ Applications Using Uml (Robert Cecil Martin)
Developing Applications With Visual Basic and Uml (Paul R. Jr. Reed)
Developing Software with UML (Bernd Oestereich)
Doing Hard Time: Developing Real-Time Systems with UML, Objects, Frameworks and Patterns (Bruce Powel Douglass)
Enterprise Modeling with UML: Designing Successful Software through Business Analysis (Chris Marshall)
Fundamentals of OO Design in UML (Meilir Page-Jones)
Instant UML (Pierre-Alain Muller)
Iterative UML Development Using Visual Basic 6.0 (Patrick Sheridan, Jean M. Sekula)
Iterative UML Development Using Visual C++ 6.0 (Patrick Sheridan, Jean M. Sekula)
Java Modeling In Color With UML: Enterprise Components and Process (Peter Coad, Eric Lefebvre, Jeff De Luca)
Lehrbuch der Objektmodellierung. Analyse und Entwurf (Heide Balzert)
Mastering UML with Rational Rose (Wendy Boggs, Michael Boggs)
Monster C++:An Introduction to OO Programming Using C++ & the UML (Michael S. Sandberg et al.)
Objects, Components and Frameworks With UML : The Catalysis Approach (Desmond F. D'Souza et al.)
Objektorientierte Prozeßmodelle. UML einsetzen mit OOTC, V- Modell, Objectory (Gunter Müller-Etrich)
Objektorientierte Softwareentwicklung (Bernd Oestereich)
Objektorientierte Softwareentwicklung mit der UML (Horst A. Neumann)
OO Methods : A Foundation : UML Edition (James Martin, James J. Odell)
OO Project Management with UML (Murray Cantor)
Oracle8 Design Using UML Object Modeling (Paul Dorsey et al.)
Patterns in Java : A Catalog of Reusable Design Patterns Illustrated With Uml (Mark Grand)
Real-Time UML : Developing Efficient Objects for Embedded Systems (Bruce Powel Douglass)
Sams Teach Yourself Uml in 24 Hours (Joseph Schmuller)
Software- Entwicklung mit UML. O. M. mit Beispielen in Java (J. Seemann, Jürgen Wolff von Gudenberg)
The UML (M. Schader, A. Korthaus)
The UML : Technical Aspects and Applications (by Martin Schader, A. Korthaus)
The Object Constraint Language : Precise Modeling With UML (Jos B. Warmer, Anneke G. Kleppe)
The UML : UML '98 : Beyond the Notation (J. Bezivin, Pierre-Alain Muller)
The Unified Software Development Process (Ivar Jacobson et al.)
Tried and True Object Development : Industry-Proven Approaches With UML (Ari Jaaksi et al.)
UML and C++ : A Practical Guide to OO Development (Richard C. Lee)
UML Distilled, Second Edition: A Brief Guide to the Standard Object Modeling Language (Martin Fowler, Kendall Scott)
UML for Visual Basic 6.0 Developers: Using Visual Modeler and Rational Rose 98 (Paul Harmon, Brian Sawyer)
UML in a Nutshell : A Desktop Quick Reference (Sinan Si Alhir, Andy Oram)
UML. Objektorientierte Entwicklung in der Praxis (M. Thron)
UML Toolkit (Hans-Erik Eriksson, Magnus Penker)
UML. UML. Objektorientierte Modellierung für die Praxis (Rainer Burkhardt)
UML Workshop (Hitz)
Understanding UML : The Developer's Guide : With a Web-Based Application in Java (Paul Harmon, Mark Watson)
Unified Software Development Process (Ivar Jacobson, Grady Booch, James Rumbaugh)
Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML: A Practical Approach (Doug Rosenberg, Kendall Scott)
Use Cases Combined With Booch/Omt/UML : Process and Products (Putnam P. Texel, Charles B. Williams)
Use Cases: Requirements in Context (Daryl Kulak, Eamonn Guiney)
Using UML : Software Engineering With Objects and Components (Rob Pooley et al.)
VB6 UML Design and Development (Jake Sturm)
Visual Modeling With Rational Rose and UML (Terry Quatrani)
Use Cases Combined With Booch/Omt/Uml : Process and Products (P. P. Texel, C. B. Williams)


Object Management Group (OMG)


Grady Booch (Rational Software)
Dr. Ivar Jacobson (Rational Software)
Philippe Kruchten (Rational Software)
Dr. James Rumbaugh (Rational Software)

Conferencias / Talleres

UML 2000
Einsatz, Bewertung und Stand der Unified Modeling Language: 1997
Formalizing UML. Why? How?: 1998
OO Behavioral Semantics: 1997
Precise Behavioral Semantics: 1998
Precise Semantics for OO Modeling Techniques: 1997
Precise Semantics for Software Modeling Techniques: 1998
Rigorous Modeling and Analysis with the UML: Challenges and Limitations
Using UML in the Design of Software Architectures: 1999

Utilerías / Herramientas

Choosing a UML Modeling Tool (Objects by Design)
UML Products by Company (Objects by Design)
UML Tools (Mario Jeckle)

Otros recursos

UML for Java (Osvaldo Pinali Doederlein)
UML Reference Card (Allen I. Holub)
Unified Modeling Language (UML) Notationsübersicht (Bernd Oestereich)
Objects by Design (
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